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On Thurs, Feb 2, the Warren County SWAC board will be holding a meeting at the Warren County VoTech Performing Arts theater at 7:30pm. 

1500 Rt 57, Washington NJ

We are expecting SWAC will vote yes or no on whether to recommend to the County Commissioners that the application for the DUMP to be approved. 

There are TWO WAYS you can fight back!! Click this link and send an email to the County telling them you don't want our community to become NNJ's dumping ground. In the first Drop-Down, select "Solid Waste Issues" and then "Complaint or Concern".

And then, attend the meeting. Even the SWAC's legal counsel has said the number of people in the room sends the message very clearly.


New to the movement? Check out our About Page and others.


First off, thank you very much for partnering with us to fight this dump from forever staining our community.  We have consulted with our experts and lawyer and they suggest we would need a “war chest” of ~$50,000 for the fight. For those that have the means, for those that feel strongly about getting this dump stopped before they even break ground, we believe that if we join together with contributions listed below we will get to that goal.  We understand that not everyone has the means to dive all-in. For that reason, no donation is too small; every contribution helps win battles and there are multiple ways to get engaged.


100% of your contribution goes directly to the contracting of impact studies; we are extremely lucky to even have our lawyer providing his services pro-bono!! We are focused on getting the traffic and environmental studies completed and keeping experts on retainers to testify at council meetings with their evidence as to why this dump plan must be denied from the start. It is for these reasons we make the following suggestions for donations per each household that can contribute:


By Credit Card:

Community Warrior: Your household is committed to winning the fight!

Donate $200 Here ->


Standards Bearer: You’re waving the banner from the frontlines, carrying those that can’t!

Donate $350 Here ->

Hero of the Cause: It’s not just about one household, you’re in for everyone’s community.

Donate $500 Here -> 

Superhero: Cape, Boots, Swinging Hammer…CHECK!! You will not be stopped!!

Donate $1000 Here -> 

There’s a few other ways you can donate: 

- If you have PayPal, you can click on the button here to donate any amount.




- If you’d like to write a check, please make payable to “NJLCPA” and send to:


                   UPS Store- No. 185

                   470 Schooleys Mnt Rd

                   Hackettstown, NJ 07840


If you need a receipt for your donation, please email us here with your PayPal address or your Check#.


On behalf of our entire community, we can not overstate our gratitude for your dedication to the fight!! 

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Say NO! to the Food Dump on Blau Road

A Mansfield Land Owner (Warren County, NJ) is submitting a proposal to turn the picturesque country scene in our backyards into a noxious food dump. This site is being set up to aggregate the details concerning the plan by posting upcoming meetings, agendas, meeting minutes, and inform the community on how we are mobilizing to stop this proposal before our homes are turned into Northern Jersey's next dumping ground.


After signing the petition at, the site offers you the ability to 'Donate to the Cause'. Please know that this donation goes ONLY to themselves; we do not receive any of those contributions. They use the money themselves on their own marketing. 

If you want to donate directly to fighting the DUMP, please use the yellow button above to sign-up with your contact info. Once we have completed setting up the 501.c.3, we will send a link where you can make your contribution to the fight! 100% of THOSE funds will go to the traffic study and the environmental study and other legal costs directly associated with keeping our towns safe and green! 

Thank you for your consideration and generous support! Together, we will win this fight!


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