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NJ Land and Community Preservation Association

As an incorporated LLC, we have applied and received our charitable tax-exempt status from the IRS, declaring us a 501.c.3 non-profit.

For you, that means your contributions to fight the DUMP are now tax-deductible

They want to do WHAT??

WHO: Robin and Christina Pio Costa-Lahue

            Rennselaer Commercial Properties

WHAT: They want to build a commercial-grade food composting site (The Dump). The plan calls for as many as 15 dump-truck loads per day* of food waste to be deposited into 25 berths at the facility for it to be decomposed into fertilizer, which will then be sold and trucked out to prospective farms and landscaper clients. The plan is also 'considering' an agri-solar farm, which means a solar panel farm with enough height as to fit tractors underneath to continue to use the land to farm. 

WHERE: In the currently farmed agricultural fields on Blau Road across the street from the FastMoving Co and the church, in the field immediately adjacent to the Grand View Estates neighborhood. (See Docs for a map)

WHEN: While the exact dates for construction and operations are not known, this plan is targeted to coincide with a planned 4Q-2021 State Bill that will require food-producing venues to use such a facility if there is one within a 25 mile radius.

WHY: Great question. While such a facility is an ecological benefit over throwing food waste into landfills, the potential of noxious fumes and water contamination of ground water is concerning so close to residential development(s), to say nothing of the impact 15+ dump trucks per day would have on local roads, etc.

HOW: We are still gathering details, but we do know this will require our Town's Zoning Committee to issue a variance for this type of project. It also needs approval from NJ DEP and the County Board of Freeholders along with our own Town Counsel's vote.

WHAT CAN I DO?: We're so glad you asked! Here are a few ways you can get engaged to help fight this off:

  • Spread the word to all your local contacts

  • Sign the Petition! Click the Blue button (below). (Do not donate money at; it doesn't go to us)

  • Stay connected. Subscribe to email updates and check back here to read the Latest News page.

  • Get a lawn sign- we're having signs printed. Once available, look for a button saying you'd like one for your yard.

  • Come to the Meetings, especially the Land Use and Town Council general meetings. Let your voice be heard.

  • NEW!! You can now directly support the effort. Click the Yellow button on the Home Page to add your contact information. Once we have completed the creation of the 501.c.3 non-profit, the lawyer will contact you individually about setting up your contribution. This will go a long way to support the expenses associated with the fight. These include a Truck Study (details on how the volume of truck traffic impacts the roads and community), an Environmental Study (this will examine the potential impacts to the water table, ground water, local wildlife, etc.) and include testimony at the various levels of governmental and regulation approvals the Land Owners need. We thank you for your generous support in keeping our communities safe!!

  • Send our officials an email! Look for the various buttons to send emails or call your local officials, from the Mayor to County Officials and then onto our State Representatives. Voice your concerns about the potential impacts to the quality of life in and around our homes!

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